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By Nata posted Sept 21, 2019

    The idea behind this project was the great concept Art by disney & James Cameroon Avatar the world of Pandora. Which showed Us a massive scale of truly amazing world.

CC : Disney 

    Then I tried to bring this style of art into Unity3D , yes there are many issues since it's hard for video games to compete with movie quality render but at least We got the style. The next day I decided to use the newest Unity3D HDSRP (v.6.9.1) as the main render pipeline and some tools like Photoshop , Blender3D , SpeedTree and Substance Pack as the main tools.


Creating the base leaves (texture)

    Photoshop is one of the most powerfull tools for artist to create an amazing arts , in this section I did the very first base leaves before arange it later with Blender.

Creating the leaves
Figure it out how the leaves/flower would looks like.

Modelling the leaves

Re-arrange the texture/layer in photoshop and setup the UV in blender to get the best result and to make sure its not overlapping.

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    After that , I bring the finished leaves/flower into speedtree as a mesh and included the texture as material.

Then bring the mesh into SpeedTree

SpeedTree &Unity3D

    Then I realize there is another problem that it was the standard SpeedTree shader didn't support emmisive and the newest HDSRP. So I decided to using Amplify Shader Editor HDRP template and start writing shader and manipulate the Wind.

Creating Shader
Adding Emissive and Energy Mask
Add displacement map to manipulate wind. Yes it animated !
No displacement map


And not forget to test it with water

    Althought this project isn't complete yet but We already have an insight how it could be in the near future.

To be continue...